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Client Partnership

Are you responsible for sponsoring or leading a major software initiative?


Our Client Partnership service provides you with expert, objective advice and guidance, all the way from supplier selection to go-live and beyond

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Project Assurance

As a project leader, can you be sure your project is on track to deliver benefits on time and on budget?


Our Project Assurance service helps you develop an effective delivery strategy, identify and manage key risks, and achieve project success.

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Leadership Coaching

For high performers of the future in consultancy and SI organisations, software vendors and in-house IT teams:


Our Leadership Coaching service helps you define your personal brand, unlock your potential and achieve greater impact, influence and success

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Ask about our short, tailored engagements for the provision of industry expertise in the banking software sector

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Client Partnership

In your leadership role, are you sponsoring, planning, initiating or directing a major software initiative?


Through our Client Partnership service we will be at your side as a counsellor, advising you every step of the way from supplier selection and contracting for success, through to working effectively across organisations, managing stakeholders, developing a robust implementation strategy and overseeing project execution.


We will give you an independent view of your program landscape, provide a sounding-board for important decisions and help you improve key processes and documents.


Our cost-effective engagement model provides expert, objective advice and guidance, focus on benefits, opportunities and risks, and assistance with achieving meaningful savings in time and cost.

Project Assurance

Are you responsible for leading a complex software project, either as an end client or implementor?


Our Project Assurance service will help you identify key risks and barriers to project success and retain focus on benefits. This service complements our Client Partnership service by giving you in-depth, structured reviews of project planning, management and execution.


We engage at regular points through the project lifecycle, gathering information through interviews and document inspection before reporting our findings. You will receive an independent, expert view of the status of your project, with recommendations focused on commercial management, project leadership, human resource capability and solution viability.


Based on our guidance you will be better positioned to remove risk, time and cost from your project, retain the confidence of your stakeholders, deliver to a predictable timeline and achieve overall success.



Leadership Coaching

Are you a current or future leader in a consultancy, software company or in-house IT organisation? Our Leadership Coaching service will help you progress to unlock your potential and perform at the highest level.


We will work with you to clarify what you want from your career, identify challenging but achievable goals, build unshakeable confidence in your abilities and accelerate your development into an exceptional leader.


Through regular tailored one-on-one sessions, we help you re-imagine your objectives, transform your personal brand and close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


We take a comprehensive approach that explores vital but often neglected areas such as your core values, your health and your life outside work. You will be empowered to take charge of your career, overcome the obstacles holding you back and achieve lasting success inside and outside the workplace.



About us

LinkedInSteve Williams (founder and director) has over 29 years' global leadership experience at Temenos and Oracle Corporation. He offers deep knowledge of the software industry as a customer, supplier and systems integrator, with broad commercial, sales and project management know-how.


His diverse roles have included leading a 75-strong project management practice, initiating and running a European Enterprise Architecture group, managing a global technical consulting team of over 200 heads, and developing a global Expert Services business from ground up.


He has achieved commercial success with extensive P&L management experience at program, industry sector and international levels and has a strong track record in solution selling. As a consultancy leader, he has specialised in developing high performing international teams, coaching individuals to grow powerful impact and influencing capability to complement their expert technical skills.


Based in the United Kingdom, we work with you on a remote basis, offering global reach and the ability to respond quickly and efficiently. Engagements are delivered either by Steve personally or by one of a close network of trusted associates with specific expertise in the relevant domain or geography.


Our expertise is strengthened by our independence - the basis of objective advice and guidance in the best interests of our clients. We are not partnered with, or commercially dependent on, any specific software vendor or implementor.


A percentage of our earnings is donated to Plan International to support their work of advancing children's rights and equality for girls globally.


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